Joshua 1:7
Only be strong and very courageous, being careful to do according to all the law that Moses my servant commanded you. Do not turn from it to the right hand or to the left, that you may have good success wherever you go.
The problem with “success” is that it can be so relative. Different people define success differently. There are all sorts of arbitrary success stories in the world. People achieve all kinds of crazy dreams and goals and call it “success”. So, it’s important for believers to understand what sort of success we desire.
Today’s Scripture talks about “good success”. That’s what we should all aim for. Let’s explore a bit more what it means. Firstly, good success aligns with the will of God. Therefore it’s not all about achieving our own personal ambitions independent of God’s plans for our lives. It’s certainly not about competing with the world’s vain standards.
Secondly, good success brings a blessing to many. Such was Joshua’s mission. Such it is for every one of us. We’re all Joshuas in a sense-born to enable everyone to possess the “Promised Land”. Of course, in our case, the Promise-land is heavenly rather than earthly, spiritual rather than natural. That’s what the Gospel is all about (see Matthew 28:19-20).
In other words, we must interpret our success in terms of the Great Commission. All our achievements must align with the will of God and contribute to the greatest need in the whole universe-the reconciliation of humanity to God. Our personal successes must serve the greater good. Our prosperity must glorify God. It must never be vain. It’s never about showing off our own brilliance, wit or superiority. It must all be for the glory of God. Otherwise, it’s NOT good success!
I plead with you in these last days to re-examine all your goals, ambitions and visions in the light of the will and purpose of God. Do so also in the light of eternity. Remember that only what is done for Christ will last. In the end, nothing else matters.
Go ahead and make money, but remember your Creator. Go ahead and rise in the corporate ladder, but remember to honour God. Go ahead and be blessed, but remember to be a blessing to others.
Pastor Josh