Joshua 22:3
For a long time now–to this very day–you have not deserted your fellow Israelites but have carried out the mission the LORD your God gave you.
In the children of Israel’s journey to the Promised Land, they made numerous blunders and did many shameful things. However, in today’s passage we find one of the few good examples in their chequered history.
Previously, two-and-a-half of the 12 tribes of Israel-namely the Reubenites, the Gadites and the half-tribe of Manasseh-were the first Israelites to be allocated territories to possess on the eastern side of the Jordan River. But God had instructed them to first help the other nine-and-a-half tribes to possess their allocations on the western side of the Jordan River. After doing so, they would return to the eastern side of the River to take up their own inheritance.
That is why Joshua is commending them for their obedience to God and loyalty to their brethren in today’s Scripture. What a wonderful example! Let us explore how that applies to you and me today.
We can emulate this marvellous example in many ways. For instance, we can help our loved ones, family members, friends, and fellow believers to achieve their goals and fulfil their dreams before focusing on ours. Now, that takes being selfless and loyal. It also requires a deeper understanding of spiritual principles.
Did you know that when you put your own interests on hold in order to help others to achieve their God-given purpose, you’ll be planting the seeds of your own success? That is the secret of loyalty.
For instance, if you’re single and selflessly serve as a bridesmaid or groomsman for your friends’ weddings, don’t regret it! Rather celebrate. Understand that God sometimes gives us opportunities to support others before achieving our own dreams.
That’s what happened in Joseph’s life as well, isn’t it? But consider the incredible promotion he ended up getting! I therefore, encourage you today not to complain when you find yourself in a position to help others fulfil their dreams. God will reward your loyalty, faithfulness and selflessness in due season. Trust Him.
Pastor Josh