1 Samuel 7:12

Then Samuel took a stone, and set it between Mizpah and Shen, and called the name of it Eben-ezer, saying, Hitherto hath Jehovah helped us.
It’s one thing to receive help from God and quite another to recognise and record it. Such was Samuel’s genius. Samuel wasn’t content to just receive divine help then move on and totally forget about it. He was intentional about celebrating and remembering what the Lord had done for the nation of Israel in their hour of desperate need.
Dear saint, how intentional are you about recognising the divine intervention you have received over the years? To whom do you ascribe the credit? Who gets the glory? Tragically, so many believers nowadays suffer from spiritual amnesia. They conveniently forget how God came through for them just when they needed Him most.
For instance, I recall how our all-night prayer meetings used to be so popular and well-attended. One reason is that many of us needed God’s help to obtain “papers”. Sadly, the dedication, commitment and faithfulness many demonstrated back then vanished after they settled. Some folks now live like church and God no longer matter that much. God forbid!
The same could be said about Christians who earnestly sought the Lord’s face for a job, qualification, promotion, deliverance, marriage, healing, a child, business and so forth. How many still serve God wholeheartedly after their breakthrough? How many raise an Ebenezer-attributing their success to Yahweh’s gracious intervention? Will you be one of those who remember to acknowledge God?
Be one of the Ebenezer believers-who don’t think honouring God with a portion of their income is asking too much. Be one of those who recognise and record what Yahweh has done for you. Be one of those who boldly testify when your breakthroughs manifest. Be one of those who don’t become ashamed of the Gospel when your burdens are lifted. Raise your Ebenezer!.
Pastor Josh