Romans 1:17b
The righteous shall live by faith.
Here the word of God teaches a very profound truth indeed-that righteous people (God’s people) live by faith. What does it mean to live by faith? It means depending on God and His word for all our needs, challenges, decisions, hopes and dreams. That’s different from plucking up some faith once in a while. For even sinners sometimes pray and believe in God. But today’s Scripture teaches that godly people habitually and continually put their trust in God.
Let us have a look at what Scripture doesn’t say about the righteous. It doesn’t say they live in fear. It doesn’t say they live in doubt. It doesn’t say they depend on sight. So the hearts and minds of true saints must not be dominated by unbelief, fear or doubt.
It follows that if you’re godly, you need to practice being trustful towards God. Don’t tolerate words or thoughts of unbelief. Be intentional about keeping your faith alive everyday. Feed your faith and starve your doubts. Choose to walk by faith rather than sight, fear or doubt. God bless you. Pastor Josh
Josh Chigorimbo