Ministries & Small Groups

KWC Ministries and Life Groups serve the purpose of fostering anointed fellowship for holistic growth, mutual edification & Kingdom extension. They are hubs designed to create faith-inspiring communities, spiritual connection, formation, motivation and influence in settings of like-minded people. Our desire is to avail circles of positive influence and connection among people in categories of gender, age group, gifting, interests, service and geographical location.

Only our Life Groups are geographically located in order to bring a sense of spiritual community (church) as close as possible to every family within our vast parish. The HFW and HHM ministries are designed to serve the needs of married and single mature adults by gender, while the KYM (Youth) and KKM (Children) target specific age groups. Intercession, Worship, Hosting and others revolve around areas of service, gifting and interests. There is room for everyone in one small group or other. We believe that a combination of Large Group involvement (particularly on Sunday) and Small Group participation is ideal to engender rapid spiritual development and sustained victory.

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