“The fear of the wicked, it shall come upon him: But the desire of the righteous shall be granted” (Pro 10:24).

It’s great for believers to trust God for the fulfilment of their needs. In the natural, babies are only preoccupied with basic needs–milk, diapers, warmth, attention… They don’t know about helping others or serving Christ. Spiritual babies are like that too. On the other hand, mature folks still have basic needs, of course, but their focus is on higher order issues. Responsibility, vision, education, development, relevance, legacy, influence, community, prosperity, liberation and so forth preoccupy them. Beyond basic needs, they have deep-seated desires. They have ambitions & visions, aspirations & dreams, imaginations & ideas. However, until you learn to abide in Christ and to allow His words to abide in you, you’ll not rise to the desire-fulfilment level (John 15:7). Beyond meeting your needs, God really wants to grant the desires of your heart! Now confess Pro 10:24.

Pastor Josh