‘And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me”‘ (Mat 4:9).

Just on face value, the tempter’s offer sounds too far-fetched to concern any true saint. We often say “the devil is a liar” yet still let his lies hoodwink us! We also often talk about satanists in hushed tones, yet many of us practically worship him unawares! How does that happen? For instance when we love money above everything else, we are worshipping the devil (Mat 6:24). In this verse our Lord presents a stark choice for every disciple: either God is your Master or mammon is. Mammon is the spirit behind the love for money and all materialism. Saints beware! How many people around us do we admire for their “prosperity” obtained by trading their souls on Satan’s market? Brethren, don’t be so impressed by others’ glory and bling-bling that you lose your moral compass! Let’s totally trust our Good Shepherd to genuinely prosper us in His way and time. No compromise!

Pastor Josh