“Trust in the LORD with all your heart & lean not on your own understanding” (Pro 3:5).

Beloved, your worst problem is not Satan, but yourself! In this powerful verse, two rival authorities are posited as objects of our trust. On one hand, we are ordered to trust God. Things being equal, that’s the obvious, wise choice. However, since the Fall every human heart is flawed and hostile to the Creator. Our sin-infested minds have quietly engineered a spiritual coup d’├ętat! Your heart’s quest for the control of your life often goes unnoticed. Left unchecked, your ego can ruin any hope of living up to your divine purpose and destiny. If we are to grow into the kind of disciples our Lord saved us to be, we must abandon our pretence to God’s throne in our lives. We must humble ourselves and submit our perverse wills to His righteous will (James 4:10). Then God will lift us up.

Pastor Josh