“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (Jo 15:12).

Lest we miss what commandments our Lord refers to, He goes on to spell it out. Interestingly, the primary commandment He issues is not as “spiritual” as we would think! It’s not about paying our tithes or fasting intensively or something complicated (valid though they may be). He simply instructs us to love one another to the extent and in the manner of His love for us. Now, that raises the bar of love for the saints to another level! How has Christ loved us? Firstly, He loved us first (1 Jo 4:19). That means He took the initiative to show His love for us. That’s how we should treat one another too. We shouldn’t be sitting there and waiting for brethren to show us that they care. We shouldn’t demand to be served and loved. We shouldn’t complain about how much our friends and family don’t quite love us. We shouldn’t expect to be pampered, treated or remembered by our loved ones as such. We should take the initiative. We should think about how to make a difference in someone’s life today. Find somebody to love today. Who must you call, visit or give today as an expression of Christ’s love? Go on then, do it!

Pastor Josh