“His descendants will be mighty on earth; The generation of the upright will be blessed” (Ps 112:2).

This promise has dual application. Firstly, it has what may be termed a postdated application. Your righteous relationship with God will positively impact your children (natural and spiritual). That means your faithfulness sets up your offspring, or future generations, for strategic positioning in society. Decree and declare that upon all your descendants, will you? Secondly, this promise has a backdated application. As a biological or spiritual offspring of a righteous man or woman of God, you are entitled to a generational blessing. The greatest heritage a godly parent (biological or spiritual) can bequeath to his or her children is not good genes, contacts or money, but the blessing of the Lord. God’s blessing brings prosperity without pressure and success without stress (Pro 10:22). This blessing translates into dominance, honour and prosperity wherever you live on earth, inter alia. Claim this promise too today, will you?

Pastor Josh