“He is gracious, and full of compassion, and righteous. (Ps 112:4b).

One awesome thing about this psalm is the continual movement between private and public space as well as between the present and the future. For instance, what is the link between light in the darkness on one hand and being gracious and compassionate on the other? The connection is this: the emergence of timely wisdom in our lives (v4a) frees us to bless others’ lives as well (v4b). When your own life is orderly and fulfilling, it’s easy to influence others. That’s why we must not tolerate prolonged confusion in our lives. There are folks around us whose survival depends on us. The disadvantaged rely on the advantaged among us for succour. The weak depend upon the strong and the voiceless bank on the empowered among us to be heard. Your success, strength and surplus are never meant just to satisfy your ego! You’re blessed to bless, saved to serve and empowered to empower others. That’s true righteousness!

Pastor Josh