“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me” (Jo 14:1).

These compassionate words from the mouth of God the Son ring true now as they did two millennia ago. The early disciples’ heartache wasn’t imaginary, indulgent or superficial. The imminent departure of their mentor, leader and healer did not make sense. Their pain was real, their despair deep and their fears immense. No empty placations, clever mantras or loud slogans could assuage their heartbreak. No detached counsel, intellectual advice or religious mumbo-jumbo would soothe their untold inner turmoil. Only honest, anointed and compassionate truth would make a difference.

I know that your and my situations are often just like the early apostles’. Like them, let’s bank on Jesus’ solution. Let your faith in the Father-God and His Son triumph over every adversity, loss and pain. Let not your heart be troubled!

Pastor Josh