Revelation 3:18a
I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich…

In order to overcome the spiritual poverty afflicting this lukewarm church, Jesus offers a remarkable solution. They must BUY the refined gold only He can sell. There’s a “buying” we must be willing to undertake if we desire to acquire spiritual wealth, beloved. This kind of trade doesn’t use natural currency (Isa 55:1). Buying is about acquiring something you need by paying the set price. Likewise, spiritual assets will cost you something to acquire them. The price of spiritual wealth is necessarily spiritual. Our text suggests that this “gold” is of the highest quality and therefore demands a high price. Spiritual wealth does not come cheap, beloved! Now, we acquire spiritual wealth in the currency of humility, hunger and thirst for righteousness (Mat 5:3, 6). Are you buying?

Pastor Josh