Revelation 4:9-10
Whenever the living creatures give glory and honor and thanks to Him who sits on the throne, who lives forever and ever, the twenty-four elders fall down before Him who sits on the throne and worship Him who lives forever and ever, and cast their crowns before the throne, saying:

The saints around heaven’s Throne employ two powerful elements in their worship that should inspire and inform our earthly worship.

Firstly, they get off their personal thrones and fall before the Almighty’s Throne. So should we, beloved. The term throne refers to a seat of power, honour or dignity. Applied to our lives today, our thrones are the positions, titles, rights and roles we hold from in the various spheres of life.

Now, as our prayers and worship mirror the heavenly standard, we voluntarily vacate our puny thrones in the presence of the King of kings. We intentionally surrender our claim to authority in the presence of the Omnipotent One. We humble ourselves in the sight of the Lord. Then watch Him elevate us (James 4:10).

Secondly, the twenty-four elders cast their personal crowns before the ultimate Throne. A crown is a symbol of victory, royalty or honour. Now, to cast our crowns before God is about surrendering all such as an act of worship to our Lord.

Beloved, for our earthly worship to emulate the heavenly standard, it must include the practice of casting our crowns before the Throne of Grace. Today let us surrender our sense of pride, significance, achievement and self worth to God. Let us cast our talents, treasure, time and reputation at the feet of Jesus. That’s true worship.

Today’s Church denies herself divine promotion and impact because her members hold on to their little thrones and crowns in the presence of the Ultimate Throne. Will you surrender your throne and crown to Jesus today?

Pastor Josh