Proverbs 18:10b
The righteous run into it and they are safe.
One great habit of the righteous is their commitment to RUN to the name of the Lord consistently. Running here is a picture of both the Pace and Place of Faith.
Firstly, in terms of pace (speed), running signifies that it’s a matter of URGENCY. That means you and I must not amble along, spiritually speaking. Don’t stroll to the name of Jesus. RUN for it! Make haste. Be swift to hear. Don’t vacillate, procrastinate or hesitate in your pursuit of God.
It’s funny that some Christians rush to work and stroll to worship. They hurry to pleasure but delay to prayer. They hasten to clubs but attend church late. They keep secular engagements but excuse themselves from divine appointments.
Yet the truly righteous know that to abide in Christ is a matter of urgency. It’s a priority. They run to Jesus early every morning. Look, if you only remember to pray later in the day, you have not yet started RUNNING to the Name of the Lord. If you have a habit of neglecting daily personal Bible reading, you are NOT running to the Name of the Lord.
Beloveds, let us examine ourselves today regarding our sense of urgency spiritually speaking. You may be truly born again, but the question here is about your pace or urgency of seeking the Lord. Don’t defend yourself. Don’t justify yourself. Are you truly RUNNING to the Name of the Lord? Is God your first port of call everyday?
Repent and decide to start running to the Name of the Lord everyday. Seek God first daily. Read your Bible daily. Pray without ceasing. Prioritise Kingdom matters. Attend church regularly. Serve the Lord with fervency. Make haste, Jesus is coming again!
Pastor Josh