He replied, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.” Luke 10:18

On this occasion, the seventy disciples have just returned from a successful mission. They have just made the amazing discovery that demons are subject to them in the name of the Lord Jesus. Now, as if that is not enough, Jesus tells them that He actually saw Satan-the chief of all evil spirits-fall in spectacular fashion from heaven.
It’s significant that in this case Satan’s fall like lightning is directly linked to the fruitful Gospel ministry the disciples have undertaken. The implication is that whenever the saints engage in anointed ministry in the name of the Lord Jesus, there are devastating effects in the kingdom of darkness. Beloveds, ministering in Jesus’ name is more impactful in the spiritual realm than we readily realise!
So many believers today underestimate the enormous impact of their contribution in the kingdom of God. That’s why they are discouraged and dismayed. It ought not to be so! Don’t underestimate the powerful effects of your ministry unto the Lord in His name. Never mind public acclaim. Forget about fame and popularity. Your impact in the spiritual realm far outweighs any applause or recognition. Serving the Lord is worth it.
Pastor Josh