He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake. Psalm 23:3


So far, we have observed that the Good Shepherd graciously leads His sheep through the spaces of Green Pastures and Still Waters. Those are places of prosperity, provision and peace. For these truths to be real in our lives, we must genuinely believe them, expect them to manifest in our lives, declare them often, receive them and follow the Good Shepherd’s leading.

Today we consider the third space to which the Good Shepherd leads His beloved children. He leads us in the PATHS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS. Think purity. Note that He first renews our strength then leads us along the correct, straight or right ways.

Beloveds, there are so many paths of error nowadays! There are so many wrong tracks vying for our attention. As you move along in your spiritual journey, be sure to only travel on the right road. Choose to only walk in the light. Choose the Good Shepherd’s straight and narrow path instead of the broadway of sin.

Beloveds, some paths are shortcuts, but wrong cuts. Some paths are easy, but also evil. Some paths are popular, but also polluted. Some paths are common but also corrupt. Always double check who is directing you in a particular direction. For the Good Shepherd would never lead you along the wrong path. Don’t be hasty to accept guidance willy nilly. Think about WHO is behind the guidance, WHERE it all leads and the character of the path.

Also think about whether or not the path you wish to take brings glory to God. For our text says, “for His name’s sake”. That means our decisions must also factor in God’s reputation. For whatever you do as a child of God must uphold our heavenly Father’s honour and glory (see 1 Corinthians 10:31). We should not bring the kingdom of God to disrepute. We can not afford to bring shame to the name of our God. Wise disciples of Christ don’t just think about their own interests. They value the glory of God as well. Do you?

Pastor Josh